Private Paint Party - $35/guest
Select from Gallery or send me your selection. Event can be in studio or mobile. Must be party of 10. Event last approx. 2 hrs.  with all included except food & drinks.
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Photo Album of Happy Painters!
It’s About …Fun! Family! Friends! Bonding! Memories! Laughter! and More …
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Adult Paint Party Gallery
Meet Lilly, Age 5 (Cancer Patient)
The Golden Paintbrush Project, sponsored by and friends like you, is now underway. When you book a Private Paint Party or purchase an Art Piece, you are making this possible. For more info or to register a child, email us at:
Please share this with others, Word of Mouth is our best resource.
Lilly, our Golden Paintbrush child, is very "Hoppy" 
She waves good-bye to me and says" thank you my Art teacher. 
How precious!
Kids Paint Party Selection
Custom Hand-Lettered Wall Art! - $15 each!
DrawingPoint HomeCoaches' Art / BioStudents' ArtParty Gallery

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Promo Code: Nine
 Get 50% off on Regular $35 Paint Party Admission
when you book a party of nine
& get a free bottle of Wine!
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