Questions & Answers
This Curriculum, is a creative common sense approach to drumming, and designed by Mr. Bob of StickAroundDrums.  Choose a Timeslot Appropriate for you.  Lessons are one-on-one, once a week - Mon thru Fri, 4 weeks a month.  Each lesson is set by a designated time slot, appropriately picked by you.  In some cases, a month will have a 5th week. This week is given as an optional Free Bonus week to be taught from, and can be used as a make-up week for a previous absence during that month. You will find this can occur many times thru out the year. It is a way StickAroundDrums can give back to you, for those times when your paid designated lesson, was missed, and never able to be made up, based on personal circumstances. Mr. Bob also reserves the right to cancel classes during a said 5th week for vacation, or personal time off, since it is an optional lesson week.

Registration Enrollment ... is limited and will be filled on a first come, first served basis, Mon thru Fri. You may enroll at any time during the year. Enrollment consists of filling out name and address etc. on a drum students ‘Progress Chart’, and paying the appropriate fees. These fees will include the lessons for the month, and that’s it! There isn’t a locked in contract, but as a courtesy, if you withdraw, please give Mr. Bob of StickAroundDrums atleast one week advance notice, or you will still be responsible for the remaining months lessons. A student can stay for as long, or short as they would like. Many StickAroundDrummers stay year after year. The door at StickAroundDrums is always open for students to return should they choose to do so, whether it is a month or two later, or a year later.

Tuition Policy
Tuition will be due just before, or by the 1st of each up coming month. There is a 5 day grace period after the 1st, because at StickAroundDrums, we understand unforseen things come up, which can cause a delinquent payment. Payments can be given by personal or company check, or cash. We apologize, but credit cards are not accepted. All checks are made payable to             ‘Bob Carter’ and NOT to ‘StickAroundDrums’.

What is a ‘StickAroundDrums’ lesson like?
It is like the most thrilling ride at your most favorite amusement park in the entire world!... Well, ok, maybe I’m stetching it here alittle!  
But I’ll tell you this... not only will you develop into a very good drummer... maybe even Pro!, but you are guaranteed to have a ton of fun along the way! 
(If anyone can put up with my jokes & puns, they deserve to be Great! - lol :) 

How long will it take me to learn to play drums?
Each person has their own learning curve. I recommend we both feel very comfortable learning one musical style before proceeding to the next musical style. Obviously, your success will depend greatly on your dedication to that style. The more you practice what you learn, the faster you will achieve your short range goals. Ultimately, when all said and done you will be playing like a Pro!

Do I have to purchase a drum set and cymbals right away?  
No. As a matter of fact, I recommend one not to, because of the simple fact a student may find drums are just not their thing, so to speak 2-3 months down the road. One may find themselves gravitating towards sports, or simply another instrument, such as guitar, or piano. However, what I do recommend in order to get around that, is to simply practice on the rubber practice pad, recommended by StickAroundDrums. There are various ways one can be shown on how to use the pad effectively, and with a little imagination. Now, if a drum set is already owned... then that is great. You may however, need a drumset adjustment and tuning, in order for the best playing and practicing to be effective.

Do Drums have reading material, similar to that of a guitar or piano?
Drums do have reading materail, Yes!, but it is slightly different than that of a guitar or piano. You would not have to play a ‘G’ chord for instance, or scales, however drums are played with strokes, (a variety of musical notes grouped together - called Rudiments), giving you the sounds of the drum set. Drums are percussion, so they can't quite be put in the same category as the other two, (even though the piano is known as a percussion instrument) because drums don't require melodic nor harmonic skills, only rythmic skills (and a whole lot). As a side note though, no pun intended... you can get various harmonic tones out of your drums based on tuning and pitch bending.

Is it necessary to read music for drums, or can one just play by ear?
Well, I would have to ask this question? Was it necessary for us to read our native language in school or could we have just gotten by with listening to the teacher only? Reading sets an absolute accuracy, which in turn will give one the perfection they are looking for. Reading helps establish a visual in your mind, so one can translate more effectively with their ears. Reading in the end will help one to play by ear Great!

About Mr. Bob
Growing up in Music
During the 60’s in Queens, NY, Bob Carter grew up in a musical and artistic family. Always drawing since a small child, Bob also had a fond appreciation for music. He loved Jazz, Pop and Classic Rock, R&B, Funk, and Blues. His father was one excellent electric guitar player and set out to teach his 10 year old son how to play. But the instrument didn't strike the right riff. According to Bob, "The drum sound was more natural to me.” Since drums and piano are related, (piano falls into the percussion family), Bob Carter thinks his love for the drums and art (grandfather was an excellent artist) came from his grandfather, (Mother’s Father) who used his piano playing and art in his comedic entertainment acts in London, England during WWII. At 17, Bob Carter acquired a well-worn, no name drum kit, and set out to learn mainly on his own.  
(In later years, Bob remembers having had only two drum teachers in his adult life, and they weren’t anything to write home about.)  

As a Career
A 1975 Graduate from the “H.S. of Art & Design” in NYC. In 1976, Bob would be hired by a prominent art studio, known as “The Graphic Studio” in Manhattan. By 1979, Bob Carter embarked on developing his drawing and graphic art talents freelancing for advertising agencies in his native hometown of NYC and various other North Eastern and eventually Southern States. He spent his time drawing story boards for TV commercials, illustrations for books, magazines, newspapers and in later years, computer illustration and designs for T-shirts and logos. Drums would take a back seat, (except for the infamous practice pad), for a short time, while his advertising career was being developed. It was also during this time from 1983 onward, that Bob Carter would encounter a special relationship with The Lord Jesus+God - The Creator of the Universe! Picking up the sticks again, wouldn’t be until around 1985, Vineland, NJ, where he and his family lived at the time. It was during these years going into the 90’s that Bob would dedicate his drumming in churches, and wherever he could get a session.  

It was also during the late 70’s that Bob started playing with his buddy from Brooklyn, Kevin Kovack, a great electric guitarist/singer, himself. Their musical friendship developed into a busy little pop-rock & oldies band. They played everything from Santana, to Roy Orbison. Around 1977, Brooklyn, NY, recording doors opened up for Bob and Kevin. At age 19, Bob can recall, laying down drum tracks for a contracted radio jingle for “Radio Shack.” In the future, Bob Carter would always find himself glued in some way, to a guitarist. Funny how life is… Ya grow up with one, and they stick to ya forever… lol.
Years later, Bob would be doing a whole lot of live local and long distance playing, not only in West Central Florida, where Bob and his wife and kids would settle down, but through out the US and Canada too. Much of the playing and recording was done with the Spiritual Band, known as “SONSUVTHUNDR” (SONS OF THUNDER), circa 1998 – 2000. Going into the new millennium, Bob Carter would also play and record with many other musicians in the Christian community, one band in particular, known as “His Breath.”

Staying in Shape
Throughout the years, sitting at the drawing board as well as the drum set, can take a toll on ones body. Bob, being very knowledgeable in anatomy, used that knowledge to keep himself together and in shape. Physical fitness/Body-Building has always been a way of living in Bob’s life. It does pay off!

Moved to Teach…  (Article written for the 'Tampa Tribune' - Jan 21, 2007)
But in 2003, Bob heard a higher calling…
"I was a one-man illustration studio and was just too busy," he said, but he wasn't swayed when people encouraged him toward giving tom-tom tutorials. Teaching wasn't foreign to Bob, having given part time art lessons in New Jersey and Florida. Bob kept his illustration clients as long as possible, but realized when he had enough drum students he would be making a career change. 
(As a current side note: In Feb 2010, Bob came out of ART Retirement, and opened . . . .                'The Drawing Point' teaching young and older alike how to Draw & Paint.)
"I got to the point that enough was enough and decided it was time to swap trades," he said. Hence forth… The birthing of “Stick Around Drums.” Bob said the key thing in developing a drummer is patience. "The bottom line is that it is all about people. You need to bend over backwards and go the extra mile to take them to the ultimate goal you have for them. You have to push them, but not beyond what they are capable of." Bob Carter leans on his lifetime as a drummer and commercial illustrator to create a drum curriculum that stresses ingenuity over rote practice. "I want people to take what they hear, what they read and what they understand and fuse it together," he said. "I want them to be a drum set musician and be creative, not just memorize some rat-a-tat-tat." Bob uses his art background as the basis for his drum lessons. "I want people to know there can be color in sound and how they can create beautiful forms in percussion just like a painter does on canvas," he said. For artists, the building blocks are light, form and shade. For drummers, Bob said, it is theory, language, timing and sensitivity. He teaches students to memorize, but he also wants them to understand their role in the band. "They can interpret what the bass player is doing, what the rhythm is, what the musical style is, and what the timing is," he said. "A drummer has to interact and blend with the band. "The drummer is the spine or backbone of the band and has to be more than a human metronome."
“The greatest satisfaction I get is when a student blossoms into their fullest potential, and becomes the great drummer they were destined to be!”

“That is my payment!  
The Birth of a Great Drum Set Musician!”

Hour Lesson
$37.50 wk/ $150 mo
Half Hour Lesson
(live spiritual 2008)

(live spiritual 2008)

(live spiritual 2008)

(live spiritual 2008)

 (Livin' On Borrowed Time - CD (spiritual - circa 2000)
Paradise; Field of Dreams; What About You

* The live spiritual songs on this page evolve 
 into many different styles, sounds and rhythms.
They are well worth listening to, all the way thru!  
You will be taken on a Journey into the Realms of God's Glory!
So... Close your eyes... sit back... and Enjoy the Journey!
Shiloh's Quest - mini Sample CD
(spiritual - circa 2000) 
NOTE: All Art Work and Drum playing on this page created and performed by Bob Carter
His Breath - CD (live spiritual - circa 2007-8)  
Conveniently located in the heart of Valrico, FL, here at StickAroundDrums, we take pride in going the extra mile for You!  Why? Simply because at StickAroundDrums we believe in you. We believe every person has the ability to learn, and achieve their dream, because when it comes down to it...  you can’t “Put a Price on a Smile!” 

StickAroundDrums is owned and operated
by Mr. Bob Carter, (aka - Mr. Bob) in a state of 
the art, custom one-on-one professional drum
studio whereby personal lessons are given by
the instructor. This intense, personalized 
attention gives you the opportunity to focus on
mastering your drumming techniques and
musical styles. Beginners, intermediate, 
and advanced drummers, benefit at any level. 
Perhaps you will want to review and solidify 
the basics, or maybe you desire to get over 
those rough places holding you back from 
reaching your advanced goals.

StickAroundDrums will bring the highest standards of excellence, dedication, honor, and respect towards all up and coming drummers. Drums have a way of talking to people like no other instrument! They can paint a canvas of sound, if you will, of the most delicate rhythms, or break into a dynamic explosion of gut wrenching power! They truly are the back-bone of the contemporary song.

It is my personal goal to bring each and every indiviual (regardless of race, creed, gender, or age), into a place of creativity, sensitivity, confidence, dedication, determination, patience, coordination, and just sheer Fun! Besides, everybody enjoys the drummer in the band! So, with that said, let’s get started and see where we can place 'You' or your ‘Up and Coming’ Drummer! Here’s where you come in... feel free to read thru this website, in order to have some of your questions answered. When done, please take a look at your schedule, and let me know the best time that fits you. I will then check out my schedule and calendar, and see if we can create a perfect fit.

I’m excited about us getting started, and am looking forward to ‘Developing your Music Passion”.

See ya at the Drum Studio... so Stick Around !

About Us
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$20.00 wk/ $80 mo
​The Mission

The Evangelistic purpose of “Trash to Treasure Missions” is to help people from all cultures around the globe who are searching for the answers to life, to come to the fullness and revelation of personally knowing God/Jesus(Yeshua) as their Lord and Savior and His undying Love, Compassion, Mercy, and Grace.  

The Pastoral purpose of “Trash to Treasure Missions” is also committed to helping and encouraging Christians (Spirit filled believers/disciples of God/Jesus(Yeshua) to develop a lifestyle in relationship and wisdom, by teaching and revealing the miraculous power of His Word. In so doing we are to be all that He has called us to be in God/Jesus(Yeshua) while being filled and guided by His Holy Spirit. This same Holy Spirit equips each individual to become skillful in the Word of God (the Bible), sensitive and obedient to His voice and declare that glorious Treasure, rich in power, the Name which is above every other name and to experience the fullness of God on earth in peace and harmony with themselves and with others. 
Only by the Power of the Living God/Jesus(Yeshua) can a Trashed life filled with depression, hurt, and emotional/physical pain be transformed into a Treasured life of Blessed Love, Peace, and Eternal Joy, growing in Faith and to be able to stand strong in spiritual warfare against Satan and the kingdom of darkness.
  2 Corinthians 4:7  But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us.

 I just wanted you to know that Cooper was put in band this school year for 8th grade. He's never been in band at school so we could not figure out how he got put in there. I wanted you to know though that he is so advanced on  the drums that there's a chance he could be lead drummer and is actually farther along than the kids that were in band all their 6th and 7th grade years. Scott and I are so excited that he is back on the drums and I just wanted you to know that we owe it all to you and your great lessons. I just wanted to say thank you! :-) Monty Mann
By Appointment Only!
Learn How to Play the Drums!
Rodger McFarland - mini Sample CD
(spiritual - 2015) 
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